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Welcome to our Maryland Alpaca Barn
"Where your yarn gets up close and personal"
Scroll down yonder under the barn to meet the alpaca whose yarn you're now enjoying.

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Click below to meet your alpaca :

Atlantis Yarns

Atlantis' Yarn
Baghdad Yarns

Baghdad's Yarn
Bamako Yarns

Bamako's Yarn
Belle Yarns

Belle's Yarn
Cairo Yarns

Cairo's Yarn
Camila Yarns

Camila's Yarn
Chocolat Yarns

Chocolat's Yarn
Geneva Yarns

Geneva's Yarn
Jasmine Yarns

Jasmine's Yarn
Lima Yarns

Lima's Yarn
Madonna Yarns

Madonna's Yarn
Morning Glory Yarns

Morning Glory's
Nestle Yarns

Nestle's Yarn
Miss Sarah Yarns

Miss Sarah's Yarn
Tblisi Yarns

Tblisi's Yarn
Zurich Yarns

Zurich's Yarn
Amman Yarns

Amman's Yarn
Asmara Yarns

Asmara's Yarn
Maputo Head

Maputo's Yarn
Taos Head

Taos' Yarn


   Odessa's Yarn

    Andorra Head   
 Andorra's Yarn

    Milan Head    

   Milan's Yarn

    Phoenix Head        

    Phoenix's Yarn

     Vienna Head      

    Vienna's Yarn

   Aqabah Head 

   Aqabah's Yarn

    Kodiak Head

   Kodiak's Yarn 

    Niamey Head

   Niamey's Yarn 

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